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Membership Information

Become a member and enjoy stimulating conferences and meetings and receive Society publications. Come along on trips to historical sites and museums and meet new members and friends who share your interest in Michigan history. Be part of the effort to preserve Michigan's rich and diverse heritage and inspire similar values in the next generation. Membership in the Historical Society of Michigan includes

Membership payment options:

There are several different ways you can join the Historical Society of Michigan; on the Internet via a secure web site, by phone, or by mailing or faxing a membership form with your payment.

Use a credit card on the web: (Click here for help.)

Regular $35.00

Enhanced* $50.00

Senior (60/over) $30.00

Enhanced* $45.00

Student $20.00
School name:

Enhanced* $35.00
School name:

Educator** $45.00

Enhanced* $60.00

Historical Society $35.00

Enhanced* $50.00

Library/Museum $50.00

Enhanced* $65.00

Non-profit $50.00

Enhanced* $65.00

Business $100.00

*Enhanced/business memberships include Michigan History Magazine

**Educator memberships include The Michigan Teacher

Phone: Join by calling toll-free 800-692-1828

Mail/fax: Fill out a downloadable PDF membership application and send it to The Historical Society of Michigan, 1305 Abbot Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823 or fax to (517) 324-4370